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Westminster claims that Scotland’s voice in the EU is strengthened through its position in the UK. According to the Government’s Scotland Analysis, ‘the UK uses its influence on behalf of Scotland on a whole host of issues of particular interest to people and businesses in Scotland, from budget contributions to fisheries quotas, health and safety regulations to agricultural subsidies and structural funds’.[1] Also argued in this document, is that Scottish independence would forgo the country’s advantages of its established Foreign Ministry in London, as well as the number of votes it has access to as part of the UK in the European Council.[2] -


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The SNP intends to remain a part of the European Union following independence. This is something they feel will be jeopardised through remaining in the UK due to Westminster’s movement towards leaving the EU[1]

Greater representation within the European Union as one of its primary motives for independence from the United Kingdom.[2] Scotland, as a nation, could benefit from a greater position of power in its ‘ability to participate at every level in the EU legislative and policy process’.[3] The SNP argues that the nation’s interests have not been fully realised due to its current position within the UK. Its 2013 publication Scotland’s Future: Your Guide to an Independent Scotland, states, ‘we believe that an independent government, acting to protect Scotland’s national interests within the EU, can restore some of the ground lost in recent decades when key Scottish industries have not been a priority for Westminster in EU negotiations’.[4]


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