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This page relates to policy After a No Vote.

Strathclyde Commission

The Scottish Parliament should be handed full powers over income tax, according to a report commissioned by the Scottish Conservatives which reported on 2 June 2104. The tax-free personal allowance should remain a reserved issue for Westminster but it would be up to the Scottish Parliament to decide on both rates and bands.
The report also concludes that there is a case for a share of Scottish VAT receipts being assigned to the Scottish Parliament.
All barriers should be removed from Holyrood supplementing UK benefits out of its own budgets. Where a particular cash benefit is closely related to a devolved policy area, there is a stronger case for Scotland having more control over, for example, housing benefit and attendance allowance. [1].


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Strathclyde Commission

The extent of the Commission's wish to devolve income tax is limited. It says that income tax on investments, dividends and savings and the personal allowance – i.e. the threshold at which income becomes taxable - should remain a matter for UK Ministers [1]


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